Lasik Pioneer and expert

Wrote first textbook on lasik surgery

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Experienced Cataract Surgeon

Thousands of happy patients

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Pioneer in corneal transplantation

Textbook chapter on modern lamellar corneal transplantation

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Eyelid problems

New medicines, new techniques

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Experienced in diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy

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Friends helping Friends: The Canadians

Friends helping Friends

Skilled at producing new ideas, providing better solutions and pioneering new avenues for growth. Dr Michael Duplessie created the largest private residency/fellowship program in the United States. 

A clinical integration program with Waterloo University (Canada), eventually became the largest private training program for Canadian doctors in the USA

These structural changes improved the quality of care — bringing contagious enthusiasm to my patients, vastly increasing the volume of charity and contemporaneously increasing patient/doctor ratio.