Lasik Pioneer and expert

Wrote first textbook on lasik surgery

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Experienced Cataract Surgeon

Thousands of happy patients

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Pioneer in corneal transplantation

Textbook chapter on modern lamellar corneal transplantation

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Eyelid problems

New medicines, new techniques

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Experienced in diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy

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SMILE procedure

Dr. Duplessie was one of first doctors from the USA performing the SMILE procedure

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The ZEISS femtosecond laser VisuMax® is used to create a very thin disc of tissue (lenticule) inside the intact cornea, which can then be extracted through a small incision. The Dry eye syndrome may be less with SMILE compared with LASIK.

Just Asking

It’s natural to have a bunch of questions when considering any procedure. Dr. Duplessie is an expert at answering those questions and his staff are real pros who will provide plenty of support during the process.