Sa Kaeo Refugee Camp, Thailand

Dr. Duplessie decided to become a physician while working with the Japanese Red Cross at Sa Kaeo refugee camp, the first organized refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border.

Persevering after the Japanese Red Cross fled over security issues, he worked in a 1200 bed thatched roof hospital with patients lying on mats on dirt floors. Always integrating charity into his medical practice, he has never forgotten those who are less fortunate.

A refugee camp is a prison camp. Dr. Duplessie tried to humanize it. His other accomplishment’s include:

  • Organized daily sport activities for the 5000 imprisoned children
  • Started an adult volleyball league
  • Manufactured bamboo sun hats [pictured above] to give away
  • Manufactured sandals from tires [pictured  above]
  • Smuggled in vast quantities of fresh vegetables
  • Lived with 11 Cambodian monks